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About me


Making others grow makes me grow. 

My experience varies from being employed in small and large corporations, to running my own businesses, as well as initiating and being part of developing companies. Today I coach start-ups and companies for growth, as well as uniting capital and business angels with ideas and people with great potential for Connect, a non-profit organization for growth. I also invest my time, competence and money in my own and others ideas. On occasions I get to enrich others with my experience and thought-wave on future trends and entrepreneurship. I'm also advising in strategies for growth, communications & customer acquisitions.

I have lived and worked in New York (and Boston) half of my career, and the other half in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a passion for international business and relations. My background is in marketing, communications and business development. When forced to label myself, it usually is by saying Business Developer or/and a Business and Entrepreneur, and on occasions Innovator and Social Entrepreneur.